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Are HairClub® Hair Systems Right for You?

Whether you’ve already tried every other treatment for hair loss or just want to see results quickly, hair replacement puts you in complete control. Perfectly matched with your existing hair to quickly add thickness, fullness, and density, it looks and feels like it’s all your own.

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Rob P.

Hair Replacement | RestorInk®

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Tommy R.

Hair Replacement | Xtrands+®

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Hair Replacement | Xtrands®

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HairClub FAQs

After your free consultation, our Hair Loss Specialists will tailor a solution that fits your lifestyle, preferences, and budget. EXT Extreme Hair Therapy®  is our leading solution to regrow early-stage hair loss. Xtrands+® full hair replacement system is HairClub’s premium solution for advanced hair loss. Both are customized for each client.

Xtrands+® is meticulously tailored by your HairClub Hair Loss Specialist to the shape, texture, and area of your head. Your Xtrands+ is your hair. Xtrands+ is an entirely custom hair system we special order just for you, and each system is crafted by hand. Xtrands+ transforms your appearance by blending new hair with your existing hair using a medical-grade adhesive. It is much faster and less expensive than surgery. HairClub clients who have Xtrands+ are athletes, construction workers, attorneys, firefighters, businesspersons, and everyone in between. The longevity of your Xtrands+ hair system and maintenance schedule will depend on several factors, including the type of Xtrands+ base you choose that best suits your daily activities and schedule. Xtrands+ functions and looks just like your naturally growing hair, so you can wash and style it as you like and enjoy your favorite activities.

RestorInk® is an innovative, non-surgical restoration technique that replicates the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Our specially trained practitioners apply a proprietary pigment formula to the scalp with micro-fine needles. RestorInk is like a tattoo but with different needles that leave lighter impressions on the scalp. It’s an affordable solution that can also enhance existing hair restoration and give the impression of having more hair at the hairline.

Since Sy Sperling founded HairClub nearly 50 years ago, technology has replaced the antiquated ‘plugs’ once associated with hair loss solutions. Hair system bases are thinner and better quality, making hair systems far more undetectable than before.

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